Tips for Polishing Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier

Aug 4th
Pendant Lighting Ideas
Pendant Lighting Ideas

Oil rubbed bronze chandelier – Bronze, copper and brass tend to oxidize over time, lose their original luster and, in some cases, present an annoying greenish patina. When it comes to old bronze pieces almost all collectors prefer the bright bronze appearance rather than the oxidized one. The brightness of a polished bronze lamp can be affected over time if there is too much sun or humidity in the room. There are several products that can help your bronze lamp become bright again.


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Dirt and dust on a bronze chandelier light can be easily removed with soap and water. Use a mixture of water and soap to clean the lamp if it has no heavy patina. If present, slits on the lamp can be cleaned with a normal toothbrush. After all these actions are accomplished, rinse the lamp with a wet tissue. Keep cables away from soap and water.


To protect the pendant lighting from the ground and air, apply a layer of wax in transparent paste. But make sure it is not a type of wax used for cars because it can damage the lamp. Instead of a paste wax, olive oil can also be used. Remember that in shiny bronze it must have a pleasant and fuzzy light.

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