The Sliding VS French Closet Doors

Jul 26th
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French Closet Doors – The main purpose French doors are, in addition to being an opening in a room or building, is to allow large amounts of light. Sliding glass doors, which also allow a large amount of light in a room, differ from French doors in that they are not hinged on both sides and instead consist of two glass planes; one remains stationary against one partition while the other slides along a track. The choice to install either a French door or a sliding door depends on the aesthetic sense of the buyer.

French doors are typically considered decorative. They have multiple windows, or lights, that line the door from top to bottom. These pieces of glass are divided by wooden beams. On occasion, the glass panels on the top of the door are decorated with stained glass or other ornaments. These doors are opened by a series of hinges on one side of the door. Sometimes, a French door will be a double hinge. This means that there are two sets of doors that meet in the center. That allows the doors to be opened at the same time.

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The sliding door opens horizontally along a track. There are two different mechanisms that allow the sliding door to open – the upper hung doors and the sliding lower sliding door gear. The top hanging sliding door rests on two hangers that lie on a hidden track above the door. The side of the sliding door hangs from the hangers and is able to move back and forth.

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