Shower Teak Wood Flooring Disadvantages

Aug 7th
Teak Wooden Floor
Teak Wooden Floor

Teak Wood Flooring – Teak is a classic choice in wood for home decoration, and a teak shower tray adds a warm, natural look to the bathroom. Teak is famous for its resistance to the weather, and is frequently used on boats, decks and outdoor furniture – this may lead one to believe that it will work just as well in the shower, but that may not be true. While it is the most suitable wood choice for humid environments, it can be best with a classic tile, enamel or acrylic shower tray.

Teak’s natural oils protect it from moisture, which helps it stay mold-free and mildew-free. Oils do not, however, protect it from stains that do not depend on prolonged moisture. If the color of your hair, the second rinse of a darker tint would easily stain the teak because the dye molecules are small enough to find their way into the pores of the wood. The oils of shower gel, bubble bath, and bath salts also cause staining after prolonged contact.

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Unlike shower trays made with traditional materials, teak floors require maintenance. Although moisture does not penetrate the wood and causes decay, this increases the grain and slightly roughened the surface – re-soften the grain, you must rub the teak with a bristle brush and soapy water. Regular cleaning can leave stains, so you would then have to scrub the floor with laundry detergent and bleach to remove stains. This is much more work than the quick blow of the sponge required by nonporous soil materials.

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