Large French Crystal Chandelier

Jul 27th
Vintage French Crystal Chandelier
Vintage French Crystal Chandelier

French crystal chandelier can create a bold and dramatic appearance. Before hanging the lamp, you should look at the specifications, including the height of the chandelier in the room and its general location. Hanging the light too low can result in blows to the head, while placing it too high diffuses the light it releases and reduces its impact on the environment.

Depending on the size of the room, you may have more than one chandelier. When you use two chandeliers in the same room, divide your dimensions in half. Two 16-inch diameter lighting fixtures can overwhelm a small room, while a light of that size looks good in the same room. Divide the diameter of 16 inches in half and hang two accessories 8 inches in diameter. Divide the dimensions in half if you hang two chandeliers above a larger or larger table.

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Cut a sheet of cardboard in the same width and length as the chandelier you want. Use the piece of cardboard as a replica of the light and keep it above the table or the ceiling. Make sure the size suits your needs, including how low it hangs from the ceiling and how its size fits into the room. If the device feels too small, install a slightly larger one.

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