Installing Solid Teak Wooden Flooring

Jul 20th
Unusual Teak Wooden Flooring
Unusual Teak Wooden Flooring

Teak wooden flooring is durable, warm, and easy to clean and look beautiful. It is also relatively easy to install, especially if you are laying it over a solid subfloor, such as hardboard panels as over flooring. You can also lay the boards on concrete, but make sure you put a vapor-proof barrier over the concrete. It is easier to lay the floorboards with another person, so one can keep the boards in place while the other nails.


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Lay teak wooden flooring apartment in the room will be installed for five to seven days to adapt to moisture. Remove the skirting boards, if the floor of an old house. By carefully prying them away from the wall with a wide chisel or pinch bar. If laying floors in a new house, these boards have not been installed yet. If the room is not square, you have to figure out how to handle this. One way is to narrow the pieces of wood in each end of the room so narrowing is less obvious. If only one wall is oblique, make your starting line along the square wall and adjust the last board to fit the crooked wall.

If laying your teak wooden flooring over a firm floor lay a vapor barrier (15 pound builders felt or red resin paper) over the substrate perpendicular to the direction of the floorboards. Overlapping piece by 4 inches and stapling to the subfloor with the staple gun. Place the first part of the board next to the starting line. Make sure the end is placed ½-inch from the end wall (expansion gap).

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