Ideas of DIY Closet Shelves

Sep 12th
Wood DIY Closet Shelves

DIY closet shelves are crucial for finding clothes, boxes, books or anything else that you store in your wardrobes. Commercial wardrobe organizers and shelving systems are expensive and sometimes very complicated. Creating a simple wardrobe shelves itself unit is easy and can save money. By making a wardrobe shelf system, the closet organization becomes much easier.

Brick & Board Variations

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A wardrobe is an ideal place to install brick and board shelves. Since the two side walls of the closet prevent brick and cardboard shelves from toppling over. Brick and cardboard DIY closet shelves can be installed throughout the height of the closet. Bricks and cardboard shelves can be made with brick, slag blocks or other concrete blocks or glass blocks. Bricks and onboard shelves and their variants are made by placing bricks on the floor height wisely, then placing wooden shelves over the blocks. Repeat this interleaving of bricks and boards until the shelves have reached the desired height.

Form supported shelves

Maybe you want a single shelf in a wardrobe with a shelf storage area. In this case, you can take a piece of wood casting, which is usually used for trim around a door or at the intersection of a wall and floor. Cut the shape to the width of a board to be used as a shelf. Measure the height of the shelf on the walls inside the closet and nail the strip to the sides of the closet to support the shelf. If desired, mold can be nailed to the back of the DIY closet shelves to support the back of the shelf and prevent bending of the shelf underweight. Use small nails or deeply to attach the shelf to the support posts.

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