How to Open Closet Shelf Dividers

Aug 18th
Wood Closet Shelf Dividers
Wood Closet Shelf Dividers

Closet shelf dividers are a great way to divide a space for multiple functions. They are especially beneficial in rooms shared by two or more people because they divide the space for privacy. Open shelves break up a room by acting like a false wall, and they are open on both sides to avoid light. This keeps the room airy while making a difference in the space. These shelves are relatively simple and affordable to make at home and can be tailored to suit your needs.


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Measure area for your room divider. Make accurate measurements with a tape measure — don’t rely on estimates. Sketch on the design of your closet shelf dividers and note which parts you need to cut. Because this is an open bookshelf, a bit is not needed for the back. Cut plywood size according to your measurements. For extra stability when cutting, nail two sheets of plywood together and cut with a circular saw for the sides and bottom pieces.

Imagine a box without the bottom. Lay the top, bottom and side panels on a flat surface. Closet shelf dividers to prop them to take the form. Attach the bottom piece to one of the side pieces using a nail gun. Nail the opposite side piece to the base as well. Follow by nailing the upper part on both sides, filling the box. Set the case upright. Draw pen lines on the inside of each of the side boards, indicating the shelf positions. Lay the shelf pieces over the support pieces and nail in place, directly to the supports. For added stability, also nail to the sides of the shelf.

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