How to Hang the Outdoor String Lighting

Aug 29th
Outdoor String Lights Walmart
Outdoor String Lights Walmart

Outdoor String Lighting – If you have ever wanted to accentuate the look of your home during the holidays, or at any time of the year, by hanging string outdoor lights, then you can be relieved to know that the process is not that difficult. Hanging outdoor lights are starting to become more than just a winter holiday event. People are starting to hang outdoor lights for Independence Day, Halloween and any other holiday that benefits from some outdoor light. You can also rope outdoor lights to add some lighting to your backyard or deck as well.

Test each chain of lights that you intend to install by plugging them in, one of the chains at a time, to the free air outlet you are going to use to power them. Remove the gutter clips from their packaging and place a generous amount in your jacket pocket for easy retrieval. Set up your ladder so that you have secure access to your channels. Ask someone to hold the ladder at the base if there is no way to safely use the ladder on their own.

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Cut the sewer clips at the beginning at the end of the culvert and then place one every 6 inches along the gutters. Pull the tab of the sewer bracket that is designed to keep the stranded light in place, and then drop the strand into the clip. If you try to push the chain in place you can break the clip, its gutter and it could fall.

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