Hanging a Beautiful Glass Chandelier Shades

Aug 31st
Hang a Glass Chandelier
Hang a Glass Chandelier

You used to impress neighbors and friends by hanging a beautiful glass chandelier shades in your home. Nowadays you can fortunately also buy more modest crystal hanging lamps , which radiate the same splendor and luxury, but appear less decadent. There are so many glass or crystal hanging lamps available that it is often difficult to find a suitable lamp for your home. That is why we have listed the best-known home styles in order to find the right lamp.

The classic crystal hanging lamp is characterized by decadence. Lots of crystals, lots of shine and light and very striking. The lamps have a frame that is hardly visible thanks to the many crystals that hang from it. The light is reflected in all directions. These lamps are luxurious and look great in older homes, classic farms and large, classic buildings.

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The biggest counterpart to the classic lamp is the minimalist lamp. Modest, unobtrusive, but at the same time a fitting addition to a minimalist design. These modern crystal lamps are characterized by limited addition of crystals, but with a luxurious and elegant appearance. The minimalist crystal lamp has a bit less bling bling and more clean lines and simplicity in the design.

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