Get the Most Out of a Teak Wooden Bench

Jul 29th
Wooden Bench Ideas
Wooden Bench Ideas

Teak wooden bench is not only central for the physical place it occupies. But for the importance it acquires in any workshop. As indicated in the discussion of how to delimit the work areas. And specifically the central space of the workshop at home. It is highly recommended that. If possible, a distinction be made between a “clean” area and a “dirty” area.

Each of them equipped with a work bench of its own. In another post we have already explained to you how the layout of the workspaces has to be. As we have point out in previous posts, the clean workbench will be used to perform jobs that leave little waste. Or that are easy to clean (dry cleaning). The handling of files, saws, rules and measuring instruments, lathes, drills…

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And work with materials such as wood, stones or metals will be carried out in the clean work area and, therefore, in the clean bench.  The maintenance and cleaning of this wood bench must be scrupulous and detailed to avoid accidents, inconveniences and the performance of works with results that do not meet our expectations. This bank will be specified, in turn, in the dirty area, that is. The one destined to work with liquids, paints, solvents … That require having a water intake and a drain at hand.

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