Fluorescent Closet Lighting Ideas and Design

Sep 18th
Rechargeable Closet Light
Rechargeable Closet Light

Closet Lighting Ideas – Cabinets are often neglected when it comes to planning lighting for the home. Its crowded nature leaves little room for a light installation. And it can be assumed that the light of the standard room will provide enough to see in the area. This does not work well if the lighting in the room is poor. The closet is large, or the doors block the outside light. If you do not want to deal with wiring a light in your closet. Put a fluorescent light on batteries is quite simple.

Fluorescent lights work from the start of exciting gases inside a tube with electric light. That, in turn, causes a fluorescence or glow. The tube stays cool, unlike an incandescent bulb. That makes it a more secure light in a cabinet full of flammable material. The glow of a fluorescent light is much smoother too, which reduces the time the eyes need to adjust when it is dark in the closet.

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Battery powered fluorescent lights come in lengths ranging from a few inches to more than 12 inches. They can be permanently attached to a wall or to the left on a shelf and moved where ever more light is needed in the closet. Some come with a pull chain while others use a toggle switch to operate. The lights are cheap enough that several small units can do to improve lighting over the entire length of the closet instead of a larger light trying to cover the entire area.

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