Best Outdoor Led Lighting Ideas

Jul 26th
Unique Outdoor LED Lighting Style
Unique Outdoor LED Lighting Style

Rope outdoor led lighting can add ambiance to any home space. This lighting solution in the home has become increasingly popular, as it is thin and easy to place behind work or other focal points for creative backlighting. And then, measure the space before buying your LED rope lighting and get a rope that will span the space. It is easier to get a long rope for all the space than to chain several smaller ropes. Make sure the clips are large enough to accommodate the diameter of the string LED light before nailing them.

Nail half-way plastic cable clips in the installation area at regular intervals. You want to leave some space to slide on the LED light string before sticking in the clip all the way through unless, of course, buying the clips that still have room for the string, even after that are completely nailed. If you want the rope to hang a bit, and then leave a lot of space between each clip. If you want the lighting of the LED string to be taut, place the clips approximately 8 inches apart.

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Hang the string from the clips. Finish nailing the clips, being careful not to accidentally hit the LED light string with your hammer. Use insulating tape to cover parts of the string LED light that you do not want to light. This step is especially useful if you are winding the rope to a wall to go behind a picture frame or an artistic creation. Covering the exposed string will allow the exclusive backlight. To mix with the wall, you can also use the texture tape and paint the tape after it has been glued to the rope.

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