Awesome Teak Hardwood Flooring Plan Decoration

Jul 31st
Teak Engineered Flooring Home Interior
Teak Engineered Flooring Home Interior

Teak Hardwood Flooring – In addition to having a soft golden striking or brown-red appearance, teak floors are very popular because their wood is very hard. This makes them less vulnerable to damage than many other hardwood floors. Teak floors are also durable and have a long shelf life. Even though teak is not easily damaged, like any surface from time to time you will need a repair. The way to repair a teak wood floor depends on how it has been damaged.

Rough the scratched area with steel wool or fine grain sandpaper. Rub all the scratched area in the direction of the wood grain. Pour little mineral spirits into a cloth. Clean the scratched area of ​​your real teak flooring with the cloth to remove dust and debris. Allow the mineral spirits to dry in the soil. Wet a small brush on the stain (or end) used one last time to finish your floor. Apply the dye to the scratched area. Clean the stain with a cloth.

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Let that stain to dry during the drying time recommended on the label. Fill the excavated or missing areas of the wood with a wood filler that matches the hue in the color of your teak parquet flooring. Soften the wood filling with a spatula. Allow the wood filler to dry for as long as it appears on your instructions. Sand your teak wood floors with 60 grit sandpaper placed in a drum sander. Sand in the direction of the grain. Sand the entire floor in interlaced passes.

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